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Amager Bryghus is a Danish microbrewery. It´s named after its founding location, in the island of Amager (part of the Copenhagen Municipality).

Morten Valentin Lundsbak and Jacob Storm founded it after purchasing an old warehouse previously owned by the Church of Scientology. They both knew each other after writing a school project about fermentation, and after being amateur homebrewers for some time, they decided to start brewing professionally.

Its first international success came with Hr. Frederiksen, an Imperial Stout that made it to Ratebeer Top 50, atracting international attention. They soon started to export to the US, and they have been in Ratebeer Top 100 breweries list since 2009.

Amager Bryghus is famous for giving funny names to their beers, like Granny with a Gun, Jar-Jar goes all Jamaican, Papsø on acid or Galloping Into the Autistic Sunset.

This sense of humour is also reflected in their comic-inspired labels. One of its labels was in the middle of a controversy with the Sweden state alcohol authority—Systembolaget—, that censored the label of his beer Lust. This label showed a topless woman and was considered inapropiate. This ban was broadly discussed by Swedish media, being considered as an act of censorship.

In 2018, Amager Bryghus celebrated their 10 years jubilee, moving to a new location with expanded brewing facilities, just 3 Km. away from their original site.

A Brewery With A Gun interview

Amager (Denmark), 01/05/2018

Henrik Papsø (Amager Bryghus), “If you go to a bar, you see a lot of breweries just name their beers in behalf of the style. And it’s just so boring. Right now I’m so happy that so many brewers are so lazy, because it leaves more room to us.”

Amager Bryghus

A Brewery With A Gun

Read the whole interview with Henrik Papsø
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