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    Craft Beer in Portugal

    The history of beer in Portugal has its roots in pre-Roman times, when the Lusitanians brewed barley beer. After the Roman conquest, wine became the most popular drink in Portugal, displacing beer almost completely. Beer would not return until the 17th century, where there is news of a place called Patio da Cerveja, near Lisbon. Already in the 19th century, industrialization started the modern history of beer in Portugal with the foundation in 1836 of the Fábrica da Cerveja da Trinidade and in 1934 of the Sociedad Central de Cervejas. The latter would eventually become the Sagres brand, which, together with Superbock, dominates the Portuguese market today. Superbock would also emerge from the embryo of the CUFP in Porto. By 1974 there were only two major brewing groups left, Centralcer and Unicer.

    The craft beer movement would not gain momentum until 2014, with breweries such as Dois corvos, Oitava Colina, Mean Sardine or Cerveja Letra, supported by other emerging brands such as Passarola, Post Scriptum, Burguesa ou Colossus.

    Brewers from Portugal

      The Crow Revolution interview

      Lisbon (Portugal), 24/02/2019

      Scott Steffens (Dois Corvos),“Portuguese people is generally more in tune with pairings—and how things go together. Americans just don’t think of beer as part of the meal.”

      Dois Corvos

      The Crow Revolution

      Read the whole interview with Scott Steffens
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